Experience the most advanced Pain Release Neuro Breakthrough Methods with Celebrated Author of 42 Books and Films on Personal Development. Author Shahin D. Jedian takes you on a journey to help you be the master of your Neurons, to turn the Signal of pain off and take control. Pain Cushions until your vision pulls. Experience 10 Incredible Neuro Imagery Shifts now as a Gift below right here at our Soul Code Store as our Gift to you.Options for Unlocking advanced levels available too as it has a Much more extensive Course and Fine tuned details to Engage the Experiencer with unlocking physical pain trapped in the body.Begin your Gift of 10 steps Journey below.

Pain Free Woman

Sneak Peek


Sneak Peek


Pain Free Woman

Here you can Experience Several Excerpts from

PAIN FREE WOMAN Course by Author Shahin Jedian. You can also Choose to Unlock the Full Features. Please Turn up the Volume Control for Each Film below to Watch and Ponder…

Welcome to the High Vibration Space. Here you can Experience Ten amazing Teachings from the most sought after Author, as a Gift. After you experience these 10 Teachings, you can Unlock further Next level full Experiences if you wish to do so.

“While meditating we become aware

of a universe that is not readily apparent during normal daily activity” Author Shahin Jedian

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