To get started in your Soul Code Immersion for your Name and Beyond please send a Text with your Exact Name to Shahin’s Whatsapp or Text below

In Just Seven Minutes you will learn your Soul Code, Your Soul Number and It’s Significance. You will also be given a unique customized breath technique specifically made for your writhm so that you can download your souls spirit letters and vibrations permanently etched innyour body consciousness to assist you daily.

Ancestral Healing will be Discovered through your Name’s Destiny

“ A House is much bigger than a lock and a key, but only the key can open the doors to the

treasures in that house”.

Author Shahin Jedian

Discover your Soul Code in 7 Minutes with Author OF 50 Books / CDs and Spiritual Counselor from the Ancient Temple of Solomon for Modern times , SHAHIN D. JEDIAN

Author Shahin deciphers codes directly from Ancient Hebrew/ Aramaic Manuscripts available only to him through Abraham the Patriarch. He does not meditate through translations, but instead will teach you directly from the text in your Soul Code and Life Theme

Shahin Jedian "The Brand Activator for your Bussiness in Corona Times "

Shahin has just released his books “40 Days in Quarantine” and Immunity Codes, (400 pages with Video recordings) the first and only Holistic Covid19 Book released during Corona times and channeled to him in days.

Sacred energy activation expert, Shahin Jedian has been featured as an expert on Entrepreneur Branding by DNA of your Name’s Frequency through the Sacred Decoding as taught to him in the wisdom of Solomon. He has advised 1000s of successful companies like Fiverrr Pro, Square, US BANK, Weebly, La Sienne as Featured with Jack Canfield and others in Law of Attraction Network. He is a spiritual advisor and healer to celebrities, entrepreneurs, world Leaders, and change makers.

A session with Shahin would mean determining your complete Life Path and the Letter vowels and frequency permutations you would use to succeed in calling out and naming your brand in the New Life on and after Corona Times.

Shahin just gave away $100,000 worth of Scholarships to his Books, Programs and Shopping Spree on his website at SoulCodeDR.Com to help the masses in this difficult time.

He is here to help you too.

Once you know the DNA of your Name, and learn to Master it with your breath the way he reveals it to you, you will become Limitless in your potential. “A house is bigger than a Lock and a Lock is bigger than a Key, but only the Key can gain you entrance”

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Your name is your most IMPORTANT asset. To know your name and it’s sounds and vibrations is like knowing your Destiny and super powers.

Decode your Destiny through your Name