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“While meditating we become aware

of a universe that is not readily apparent during normal daily activity” Author Shahin Jedian

Please listen to Audio below as a student expresses the high value of the teachings.

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Our Intention is to bring you as much high value as possible without you having to Pay a Dime. So we have Jam packed this space with so much goodies that normally would be all in the paid program. However we still need to differentiate the most serious student from the Trial versions. With that in mind we have created several next level options for you. One Option is to continue once more Phase inside our Telegram App Channel as our gift to you. The other Option is to Purchase the Full Capacity Program with all teh incredible Features and Delve Fully in all the way. We don’t want you to go, because we have so much to offer you. This is why we have maid so many options to assist each person in there own way.

Scroll Below and Watch the Video that explains all the incredible 400 pages and Multimedia Teachings of 42 Seeds to Bend Reality now.

Now that you have seen plenty of Excerpts and Sneak Peeks from the 42 Seeds to Bend Reality, Container, You can look below for all the Folders included so that you can make an informed Purchase Decision.

Full Explanation of what you will find inside the 400 page Life Manual and all the Folders with Video and Audio Courses

In the Video Description below, 42 Seeds to Bend Reality Home Study Program Contents of exactly what you will receive is explained in detail. This Video is footage from exactly what is inside the Book and Teaching. You will see all the contents first hand. Watch below

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