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• 19:24 - 20:00

Begin the skin is that alright? Because I buy the movie new basically out here. We're going into the sections of revelation of the Shekinah of the light of the Creator in the physical world.

• 20:03 - 20:06

And the different aspects of how it reveals itself.

• 20:07 - 20:15

Begin, Destinta a new decree. Hula if an umbrella woman in you in on the issue each second.

• 20:16 - 20:32

• 20:42 - 20:52

The next section to the blood so we can actually receive them and not reject them. We talked about before how much happiness. Can you handle?

• 20:57 - 21:02

What's up, Bill Maher on HBO ? Sure who Botella?

• 21:03 - 21:58

Todd, yaakov, Los, are there were discussing Jacob wrestling the angel of death of sour shell Ace of and how Jacob overcame the sorrow shell a sub to fight with the angel of death cave under....... Haney. Kealoha shazar after Jacob went to a heavy duty Battle of an all-night possible dream state battle with the angel of death. This was both on a physical level and a spiritual level.

• 22:02 - 22:03


• 22:04 - 22:07

Captured the angel of death and the angel said.

• 22:09 - 22:30

The angel of basically challenge really every activity said let me go now because Jacob has held on and wouldn't let the angel go usually is the office if you want to run away from the angel G8. Jacob had faced his death reality Stilwell that he held onto the angel and he would not let the angel Gro-Rite.

• 22:32 - 22:37

It's like we talked about how my Roar on the full moon of.

• 22:39 - 22:50

Aries we eat more or the bitter herb face the Sabbath instead of running away f